Abater Computer Multimedia Awards

A Film Awards For Computer Multimedia Expert By Computer Multimedia Expert .

Award Rules

#Entertainment Software

1. Movie Picture Must Be Original

2.Movie Music Must Be Original

3. Movie Aspect Ratio Must Be 16:9

4. Frame Rate 24 Fps

5. Frame Size 1920 * 1080

#Application Software

Download Must Be Above 1K

#Operating System Software

Must Have Wiki Article


#Entertainment Software

Award Category

On Short & Feature .

1.Best Movie ( Short )

2.Best Movie ( Feature )

3.Best Movie (International)

4.Best Actor

5.Best Actress

6.Best Music

7.Best Editing

8.Best Screenplay

9.Best Director

#Application Software

1.Application Utility

#Operating System Software

1.Embed Function

Festival Director

Kakuli Rani Sarkar